Fruit of an old
Apulian recipe

Puglia is a treasure trove of tradition.

And it’s in Puglia that it all started, when flour and extra virgin olive oil produced a small but very tasty ring, which conquered everyone.

Their characteristic crunchiness recalls the beautiful memories of the grandmother who, with the floured apron, prepared the snack for her grandchildren. The skilled hands blend the ingredients to offer a great variety of taralli that enclose the history of Apulia.

Tentazioni Pugliesi’ taralli are the fruit of an ancient Apulian recipe.

It’s based on simple and genuine ingredients: wheat flour, Apulian white wine, extra virgin olive oil and aromatic spices.

Following the tradition, this original recipe was then reworked and revised to create different types of taralli that can respond to everyone’s tastes

This is how sweet taralli are born to counterbalance salted taralli.

The ingredients, naturally leavened, are subjected to a special boiling which makes them crunchy enough to be considered Healthy Snacks.

Available in fanciful and appetizing variants, the taralli of Tentazioni Pugliesi are ideal to be enjoyed at any time of your day.

Rediscover the ancient flavor of the typical Apulian taralli, processed with high quality raw materials.

Our taralli are free of vegetable oils, yeast and GMOs enriched with Apulian aromas, respecting tradition.

The Taralli of Tentazioni Pugliesi are born from the desire of those who want to enhance the founding principle of the Company and offer products of excellent quality.

For an instant you can feel yourself in Apulia, imagining the flavors and smells of our local tradition.

Choose your line, in accordance with your tastes and your food style, you will find the Taralli of Tentazioni Pugliesi that will satisfy you.

Our Taralli

All Tentazioni Pugliesi’s taralli are produced in full compliance with the Halal rules on food.

A story as good as
our products

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